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Rainforest From Inquiry to Action_Unit Wrap Up: February 26- March 1

We wrapped up this unit with a written reflection. We reviewed our unit wall, our completed work – field trip inquiries, 3D masterpieces and discussed with one another our learning journeys. What a fruitful unit! Our review and reflection – What were the interesting facts you have learned? What did you enjoy doing? PET bottles can become recycled uniform. Use again, don’t throw it away. Old paper can become new toilet paper. I enjoyed making Fire Rock Drone because painting the drone was fun!


In our IB Inquiry, we aim to put our knowledge and learning into action. Rainforest brought home their 3R Eco Pledges and we placed recycle labels in school too. We recapped with a lovely book by Melanie Walsh “10 Things I Can Do to Help My World”. Rainforest said they have been doing some of those things already! They “switch off the light when I leave the room”, “put litter in the bin” and “enjoy making toys from old boxes”. Excellent efforts to make your community and the earth a better place, Rainforest!

IBの探究は、知識と学習を行動に移すことを目標としています。レインフォレストさんは3Rエコ誓約書をお家に持ち帰り、キャンパスにリサイクルラベルを貼りました。メラニー・ウォルシュの素敵な本 “10 Things I Can Do to Help My World “を読みました。この本に書かれていたことは、レインフォレストさんは、すでにいくつかのことを実践しているそうです!「部屋を出るときは電気を消す。」「ゴミはゴミ箱に入れる。」「古い箱でおもちゃを作って楽しむ。」自分の身の回りと地球をより良い場所にするための素晴らしい心がけですね。

We had a chalky good time out in the schoolyard. We drew train tracks, roads and mixed chalk colours in water puddles. In class, we played a Math game called Pyramid of Gems. Players roll dice and place gems, counters to complete a make-10 strip. This helps students explore number bonds to 10. Rainforest: How many more do I need? I need to roll a 2 to get 10. The player who gets to the top of the pyramid gets a star!

We worked on our Hina-masturi craft. Rainforest had a good time making the paper flowers. I’m so happy making this. I enjoyed drawing the faces. Making the yellow and pink flower was fun! Happy Hina-masturi! Till next week, have a great weekend!

園庭でチョークを使って楽しく遊びました。線路や道路を描いたり、水たまりにチョークの色を混ぜたりしていました。さらに、「宝石のピラミッド」という数字ゲームをしました。プレイヤーがサイコロを振り、宝石やおはじきを置いて10を完成させるゲームです。これは、子ども達が10までの数の結びつきを楽しみながら理解するのに役立ちます。ある子が、「 あといくつ必要?」と聞くと、「10を出すには2の目が必要です。」と言う会話が聞こえました。 ピラミッドの一番上まで登ったプレーヤーが星をもらえます!