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Student Agency! – Savanna 02.26 – 03.01

The Savanna class has been graced by the presence of our dear parents this week for the open school day. The students were very excited to see their moms and dads watching them how they would usually do in the classroom; They were very proud to flaunt the new skills they have newly acquired and new knowledge they have learned.


It is normal to feel nervous and shy when someone is watching you, but our little Savanna inquirers were very brave to overcome this feeling and tried to act as normal as they could. They did a great job and the teachers couldn’t be prouder of them.


One of the event’s highlights was when the students presented the pretend community they had made themselves to their parents. They welcomed them to their little world where the parents were greeted by different stations found in the real community like Police Station, Fire Station, School, Post Office, Restaurant, Hospital, and Garbage Center. They were elated to show their parents their artistic side and how well they could play with their friends.


The gathering ended with a beautiful song sung by our little divos and divas! In line with their Donation Drive Project for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Victims, our little Savanna serenaded their parents to raise money for the project: They did not think that they couldn’t rescue other people who needed help because they are small and young, they thought of a way how can they possibly help in their little way.


As the song nears its ending, they took a bow and shouted: Let’s Help Ishikawa Ken People! Their actions reflect their love and concern for people, the same as the feelings our community helpers have for the people around them!


This project is a good definition of Student Agency!


Have a safe and warm weekend!