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Rainforest 4/8 – 4/12 | “First Time”

The Rainforest team has finally taken off and started the first unit of inquiry. To jumpstart the unit, which has the central idea that making responsible choices helps us achieve good well-being, the inquirers took a look at different kinds of pictures, analyzed what pictures were in front of their eyes, and figured out the message that the pictures were trying to tell. They then sorted out the pictures and grouped them into two.


After finishing the activity, they observed more and came up with different questions:


  • Why do people read books? なぜ人は本を読むの?
  • Why do people brush their teeth?  なぜ人は歯を磨くの?
  • Why do people take a bath?  なぜ人はお風呂に入るの?
  • Why do people need to wash? なぜ人は洗う必要があるの?
  • Why do people eat lunch?  なぜ人はお昼ご飯を食べるの?
  • Why do people listen to music? and more. なぜ人は音楽を聴くの?などなど。

These questions will be the map of their inquiry. We will tackle all their questions and find answers through various activities such as interviews, reading books, video watching, singing songs, and more.


The very first project for the unit was to know themselves: Knowing themselves will allow them to control their emotions, thinking, and perspective thus leading them to make responsible choices, always aiming to achieve good wellbeing.

このユニットの最初のプロジェクトは、自分自身を知ることです。 自分自身を知ることで、感情、思考、視点をコントロールできるようになり、責任ある選択ができるようになります。

The reading lesson made everyone excited. This is their first time reading books from RAZ. They are looking forward to reading various books and different stories and making their reading skills better.


Another thing that made our Rainforest excited was the tennis lesson: This was their first time playing the sport. They met their coaches and were able to hold a tennis racket for the first time. It was so much fun and they all couldn’t wait to be on the court and be good at playing tennis.


There is always a first time in everything as the cliche goes, and our Rainforest students are more than excited to try and experience these things and learn from them!

Have a lovely weekend!


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