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Savanna: Who We Are – Our Roles in Different Communities April 8-12

We begin our IB theme and unit inquiry this week. The transdisciplinary theme is Who We Are with a focus on “human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures”. The central idea is that our roles are different in different communities. Our school, our class, and our families are communities that we belong to. Who am I in each of these groups? What do I do? What are my roles and responsibilities?

“I am in SaVanna!” (With a V on the chin!)

今週からIBのテーマと単元の探究が始まりました。学際的なテーマは、「家族、友人、地域社会、文化を含む人間関係」を軸とした「Who We Are」です。家族、友達など様々なコミュニティや文化の中で生まれる人間関係に焦点を当てていきます。中心となる考え方は、「コミュニティによって私たちの役割は違う」ということです。私たちは、学校、クラス、家族などいろんなコミュニティに属しています。それぞれのコミュニティの中で自分は誰なのか?自分は何をしているのか?そして自分の役割と責任は?と問いかけ、答えを探していきます。


Taping on their prior knowledge, the class was asked “what do you do in school?” Savanna: I play with my friends. I draw. I can paint in school. I make origami with my teachers. We play toys. We run in the schoolyard! There are 14 students in Savanna, and we are all friends!

We played name games and Who Is Missing with a blanket! We shared what we like – toy cars, Pokemon, Summiko-gurashi, butterflies, dogs, strawberries, ice cream and more. Our fabulous artists drew portraits of themselves and their friends in class.


名前ゲームでは、毛布に隠れて誰がいなくなったかを当てるWho Is Missingというゲームをしました。また、おもちゃの車、ポケモン、すみっコぐらし、蝶々、犬、イチゴ、アイスクリームなどなどみんなの大好きなものもシェアしています。自分と友達の絵を描いたり、サバンナクラスには素晴らしいアーティストがたくさんです。

Spring is in the air! The fine weather beckoned us outdoor and we went cherry blossom hunting. We went for a walk by the river. We were not disappointed and spotted the five-petal white cherry blossoms, including other flowers like daffodils and tulips too! Back in class, we made butterflies with ink smears on coffee filter paper.


We had our first pianica lesson and our first gym lesson. Savanna listened well and had lots of fun! Till next week, take care and have an excellent weekend!