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We’re communicators! – Rainforest 5/13 – 5/17

Our little inquirers have come a long way, from being shy to confident, from being quiet to being good communicators!

Every morning in their morning circle meeting, the Rainforest students are given the chance to present anything they want to talk about; some would bring some photos or some crafts they made at home, or just tell a story. Their communication skills are so good that everyone knows how to listen when one is speaking and ask questions or share their ideas and comments after one presents or talks. The goal of this activity is to encourage our students to be risk-takers and try things that are new to them or make them nervous, be communicators, and practice the art of listening and sharing what’s in their minds. So far, the practice is going well and all our students are excited to participate in their mini “Show and Tell”.


毎朝、朝の会では、子ども達が話したいことを何でも発表する時間があります。写真を持ってきたり、家で作ったクラフトを持ってきたり、物がなくても話をしたり。子ども達のコミュニケーション・スキルは非常に高く、誰かが話しているときは耳を傾け、発表した後は質問をしたり、自分のアイデアやコメントをみんなと共有する事ができます。この活動の目的は、子ども達がリスクを冒してでも初めての事や緊張する事に挑戦し、コミュニケーターになること、そして自分の思っていることを聞き、共有する術を練習することです。練習は順調に進んでおり、「Show and Tell」に参加するのを楽しみにしています。

This week, we have finally started our second and final line of inquiry which is about “the habits that keep us healthy”. We divided the inquiry into two: Physical Health and Mental Health. One of the things they have discovered to keep their mental health good is to focus or pay attention to their feelings and actions. To practice, we had an activity where we relaxed and checked How are we feeling today? What is my goal and how will I reach them? The inquirers were all honest with their feelings and benefited well since after the activity we’re using the questions: How are you feeling now? How will you manage your emotions? Are you keeping your mental health good?



We also read a book about feelings, and after that, our little inquirers identified the emotions the subject felt and why he felt that way. It was good practice for them to see how to identify their feelings and the cause of that emotion.


We have been singing some Spring songs in our Music class, and practicing how to play the Pianica. Our Rainforest students love music and enjoy their lessons. We’ll finish current songs for singing and playing Pianica next week and start learning new ones.


More discoveries for our Rainforest next week, and we can’t wait to see them share their knowledge not just with their friends but also with their family and the people around them like professional communicators!


This is the video about action respecing others. If you have time, please watch it.


Have a good weekend!