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Savanna: What is a Family? May 13-17

A family, a family, what is a family? Brothers, sisters, a mom or a dad. Hanging out, spending time, much fun to be had. Soccer with your uncle, fishing with your aunt. Grandpa sure does love to do a dance.

So goes the “Family Song” from Sesame Street! (Please see the video below. I find it a little too fast so do change the Playback Speed to 0.75 in the setting.)



In our next line of inquiry, we will explore “my role in my family”. We have been collecting Savanna’s family photographs. Do keep them coming so we can share about our families. From Savanna: “I love my family because… my daddy and mummy (are) cute! My mama got 3 children. I like camping with my family. I can play with my baby (sister)! My mummy makes stuff for me. My daddy plays Pokemon games with me.” Every family is special and unique!


We started with vocabulary terms for the different members of the family. For example: mother-mummy, father-daddy, grandfather-grandpa, grandmother-grandma, little/ big sister and brother. We had a role play and said “I am your son” or “I am your daughter”. Savanna students pretended to be mummies and daddies, and said to their sons and daughters I love you!]

家族についての様々な呼び方を学んでいます。例えば、お母さん、ママ。お父さん、パパ。おじいちゃん、じいじ。おばあちゃん、ばあば。お兄ちゃんやお姉ちゃん。弟や妹など。ロールプレイでは、お父さんやお母さん役のお友達を前に、”I am your son” “I am your daughter”.と言い、パパママ役のサバンナさんからは、「 love you♡」 とお返事がありました。

We read a simple leveled reader book from Reading A-Z (RAZ) “My Family”. (ISN subscribes to this online portal and Savanna will use resources from RAZ.) We played picture matching games too to reinforce our learning.

Reading A-Z (RAZ)のリーダーブックの一冊より”My Family”.(ISNはこちらのポータルサービスを利用しています)より理解を深めるため、絵合わせゲームも行いました。

We worked on counting and writing numbers with counters and dry-erase cards. We reviewed our basic shapes by making tangram puzzles of rocket, dog, cat; and drawing shapes with stencils. The week is never complete without some fun in the sun, and in the gym! Till next week, have a lovely weekend. Take care!