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Stronger Together: Savanna 01/29 – 02/02

If one is going to ask our little inquirers in Savannah about what the Community Helpers do for the community, they would say: They help everyone!


This is what the Savanna class did this week, in collaboration with the Rainforest class, who are talking about the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, they all went ahead and conducted a community clean-up drive. On their way to the park, our explorers looked around and picked up garbage that they stumbled upon. In the beginning, everyone was so worried that they would have a hard time finding some garbage in the street since everyone thought it was all clean, but lo and behold, after the activity, they took back 2 plastic bags of garbage to school. This experience taught everyone that in our own little way, we can help the community.


The result of the reflection on the said event was good and made our little researchers realize that being a garbage collector is not easy, but very important to our community, so our garbage collectors deserve our respect, love and appreciation.


Japan is known for its deep appreciation of its culture and tradition, and this month, the whole country is going to celebrate: Setsubun. An event where people would try to shew away all the negativity in their lives by throwing beans at a demon and eating ehomaki and beans. In line with this, the Savanna class gathered their strength and prepared for the activity by making their own scary-looking masks, so they could win over the mascot demons.


The demon came to Shimauchi campus a day early! The children were in a panic, with no time to put on their courage masks. But there were children who bravely beated the demon with newspaper balls!


Our little readers reading drills are getting more extensive, yet more fun. This week, our activity was the reading race, where 5 students competed with each other by trying to read the word the teacher showed first and be the first one to reach the goal. The activity adds a challenge to our leaders thus boosting their eagerness to be better readers!


It is always nice to extend help to one another, collaboration does good things to ourselves and so as the community. As the song goes: If everyone helps each other, we are stronger if we are together!

今クラスで、こんな歌詞の歌を歌っています: みんなが助け合えば、一緒にいればもっと強くなれる!協力し合うことは、自分自身にとっても、地域社会にとっても良いことです。来週は警察署訪問、ゲストスピーカーを招いてのレッスンもあり、さらなる探究が楽しみです!