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Children can play anywhere and anything

As the children’s exploration of transportation deepened, their play gradually began to change as well.
The children have been enjoying lining up cars in long, straight lines or in square lines to match the shape of their tables. They have also developed their play by combining them with other toys, such as connecting blocks to make roads and driving cars on them, or rolling up paper to make tunnels. By helping children realize what they want to do and giving them a few hints, their play can expand endlessly.


We played a game in which we sat on chairs lined up like seats on a bus and guessed the sound of the transportation, we played a game in which we stacked cups and then picked a ride card and answered it, we played a game in which we walked around a circle of cards and answered the name of the transportation card in front of us when the music stopped, and many other games while having fun. When the music stopped, they answered the name of the vehicle card in front of them.


I explained about Setsubun on February 3. When I explained that if there were angry, crying, shy, sick, or selfish demons within us, we should drive them away and bring in good fortune, some children became scary demons, saying “It’s scary. We made masks to drive away the various demons. There were many steps involved in the process of making the masks, but some of the children started to say, “Let’s make a nice demon! Five horns!” They were able to make their own original ogres. Please take a look at them on the shoebox.

2月3日の節分の説明をしました。自分の中の怒り鬼、泣き虫鬼、恥ずかしがりや鬼、病気鬼、わがまま鬼がいたらその鬼を追い払って、福を取り入れようと説明すると、「It’s scary.」と怖がり鬼になっている子どもも。いろいろな鬼を追い払うために鬼のお面を作りました。工程がたくさんあった製作になりましたが、途中で「優しい鬼にしよう!」「角は5本!」など自分たちで工夫してオリジナルの鬼を作る事ができました。靴箱の上に飾ってありますのでぜひご覧ください。

During music time, we are playing 2 and 3 beats rhythm with cards and sticks.


The instructor was not in the gym this week, but we went to the gym to exercise. We used the red (stop), yellow (slow), and green (go) cards to signal and everyone drove the car according to the signal. When I added the rule that some runaway cars sometimes could not stop, but they would be caught by a patrol car, everyone drove well and obeyed the traffic rules. We also enjoyed changing Daruma-san Koronda and Rock-paper-scissors-train into English versions of the rides.


Ms. Grenda will be back next week. We are looking forward to seeing her again next week.
Have a great weekend!