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Savanna: Open Day June 3-7

Thank you dear Parents for spending your morning with us. Savanna Open Day was a great success! Here’s our reflection: I like the Open Day because my mummy and daddy came. 2 of them! It was fun. My mummy played with me. I like singing Mr Sun. I was sad… I cry because Mummy and Daddy (had to) go home.


Savanna were amazingly confident. They shared about the inquiries into the different roles – as a student and who we are in our family. They were able to use their new-found vocabulary – students, class, big sister, little brother, and even in full sentences too! “This is my family. There are 4 people. This is my mummy, daddy and big brother”. While others needed prompting as they presented, all students spoke to the room full of adults confidently. We gave ourselves pats on the backs at the end of Open Day! Bravo, Savanna!


We had rich pickings during our nature walk and park play. Keeping in mind “leaves, sticks, stones, and seeds” we collected ‘nature on the ground’ and brought them back to class. We wanted to create a nature collage of our families, and how creative Savanna was! Till next week, have a fabulous weekend!