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Vibrant Celebrations – Milky Way 11/21 – 11/25

It has been a vibrant week for the Milky Way class this week!


We started our week with a good adventure and a new experience for some of the students, persimmons picking! Our class and the shooting star class were invited to pick some persimmons on Monday! Each student was given a plastic bag for their fruit; they lined up nicely and patiently waited for their turn to get their share! Everybody had fun and took home not just their fruit but also a good memory of a wonderful bonding with their schoolmates, teachers, and the owner of the tree. Thank you! 🙂

今週は、柿狩りという新しい体験から始まりました。月曜日、Shooting Starクラスと一緒に柿狩りを行いました。みんな楽しんで、柿だけでなく、お友達や先生、ご協力いただいた保護者の方々との素敵な絆の思い出も持って帰ることができました。ありがとうございました😊

We had two guest speakers this week that graced us with some information about a popular celebration in their home country:


Mr. Brian from Ireland talked about St. Patrick’s day. The whole class had so much fun learning about the event and the country of Ireland! Also, they enjoyed making their leprechaun hat.


Mr. James from England talked about a very vibrant event in his country, The Nottinghill Carnival! The whole class liked the colorful images of the carnival and had fun making their Maskara!


Despite the gloomy weather this week, our Milky Way students have never failed to make the most out of their week and be as vibrant as always.


See you in the next blog!