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We Are Super Eco Heroes! – Milky Way 2/6 – 2/10

The Milky Way class gets busier every day as the last unit approaches its conclusion.

Milky Wayクラスは、最後のユニットが終わりに近づくにつれ、日に日に忙しくなってきました。

This week, we started the Line of Inquiry 2 which is about The ways to create a sustainable community. The Milky Way class had aced the prior knowledge assessment; bearing in mind the information they got from LOI1, they were able to figure out some steps on how to create a sustainable community.


Learning some Adjectives.

The Valentine’s Day Celebration is around the corner, so we decided to make something that we could give to our loving parents. As we are all talking about saving the earth, we decided to make a card that does not only contain some sweet messages, but also something that promotes the 3Rs. We all can’t wait to hand them to our family on Friday next week!


Our Phonics was a lot of fun this week. We practiced our listening and spelling skills by decoding the sentence given by the teacher orally and identifying the word that has Bossy R and deciding by throwing a ball at the board! We all had fun!

そして今週はとても楽しいフォニックスレッスンでした!Ms.Richineが言う文を聞いて、”Bossy R” がつく単語を見つけ、ホワイトボードに書いてあるその音にボールを投げるというゲームです。リスニングとスペリングの両方の練習になりまし!みんなとっても楽しんでいました😊

We also made our own Garbage Station where we can segregate the garbage that we produce and apply what we learn about the 3Rs. It is so lovely that we are able to help the earth in our own little way.


Next Week will be our Community Clean-up Drive, Our loving parents will join us to pick up some trash and save the earth! We just love to be Super Eco Heroes, We all do our best to create a sustainable community.

来週はCommunity Clean-up Driveについてたくさん書きますね!今週のオープンデーにご参加いただきました保護者の皆様、ありがとうございました!!来週お越しいただく皆様、よろしくお願いいたします!!大好きなお家の方と一緒にゴミを拾って地球を守ることを、みんなとっても楽しみにしています😊ミルキーウェイのみんなは、スーパーエコヒーローとして、持続可能な地域を作るためにこれからも頑張ります💪

Let’s be green!


Bonus: Have a glimpse of our Physical Education Class! Let’s jump up high!

おまけ:今週のジムレッスンです! 高くジャンプ!ジャンプ!ジャンプ!