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Prepping is Exciting! – Milky Way 2/20 – 2/24

This week has been once again an exciting one for Milky Way.


We would like to extend our gratitude to each of you, our beloved ISN community members, for helping us collect plastic bottle caps for our Graduation Craft. We sorted out the caps by color and the result was overwhelmingly good! We all can’t wait to start the craft and present to you the outcome.


Let’s recycle for a better world!

For our UOI this week, we started to prepare for our ROLE PLAY: Each group was given a script paper, which they will fill the form out with Characters, Sequences, and Lines. The gist will be about saving the earth. The excitement of each group is palpable on their faces and demeanor, the members are all contributing to making the play if not the best, a good one! Who will bag the award of Best Play, Best Actor, or Best Line? etc is yet to be found out! It is such an exciting and challenging yet fun activity for everybody.

今週の UOI では、ロールプレイの準備を始めました。各グループにスク白紙の台本がが渡され、そこにキャラクター、動き、セリフなどを書いていきます。ストーリーの要点は、「地球を救う」ということです。みんなの表情や態度からは、わくわく感が伝わってきます😊ベストプレイ賞、ベストアクター賞、ベストライン賞など、誰が受賞するのでしょうか!?みんなにとって、とてもエキサイティングで、チャレンジングで、楽しい活動です🎵

We had our emergency drill; the subject was: Loiterer / Stranger!


We did not just review how to manage or what to do if there was a stranger, we also dug deeper by imagining the possible happenings would there be one. We practiced by reenacting what has to be done when we encounter a stranger: We screamed, we run, we practiced how to scream Help, and how to tell an adult about the incident! Prepping is indeed exciting and helpful!


We learn more when we’re having fun.

Our time as preschoolers are almost over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun anymore. As we prepare for our journey as elementary students we intend to make our remaining time together memorable and productive!


Mr. Hojo gives his goodbye speech to our class.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!