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Musical Chair – Savanna 5/22 ~ 26

“What we learn with fun we never forget.” It has been another fantastic week for Savanna’s class! We learned many different things while having fun!


In our Reading lesson, we talked about /ap/ family! To read words, we decided to take steps: Name the letter, sound it, and connect the sounds to read! Reading words is very important, but making sense of it is another thing. We use flashcards to help the students grasp the meaning of each word and use each of them in a sentence, this tactic will help students to immerse themselves in the meaning of the word and help them find it easy to use in their daily lives.

To make the reading more fun, we boogied around the room to lively music, laughing and jumping for joy as we raced to find a seat when the music stopped. The twist was, one player will be immune to being kicked out of the game if he/she can read the card with CVC words. Most of them were able to read the words in the cards, so only a few got out of the game, but all of us had fun learning about letters and sounds as we play Musical Chair!

リーディングのレッスンでは、cap, map, clapなどの”ap” familyについてお話しました。単語を読む時に、次のようなステップを踏んで読んでいくことにしました: アルファベットを読む、その音を発音、そして文字をつなげて単語を読む!単語を読むことはとても大切ですが、その意味を知ることで、さらに読むことが楽しくなります。フラッシュカードを使って、それぞれの単語の意味を把握し、その単語を文章で使うことで、単語の意味に浸り、日常生活で使いやすくなるような工夫をしています。


Our inquiry about family roles is still in progress; the students brought back to school their interview sheet about who does what at home or for the family. We all compared each family’s role, and we found out that some mommies fix things, and some daddies cook or go shopping: gone are the days when only mommy went shopping for the family, or only dads fixed things. It was good research, it’s good evidence of the central idea: “Every Family is Unique”, and apparently, not only in its structure but also in its roles.

We also held Evacuation Drill this week. All the school community participated in the drill and showed cooperation. Good job, for all of us! Thank you for your cooperation, parents. We hope that nothing tragic happens in our community, but it’s always better to be ready than sorry!



We all wish you a lovely and fun weekend!

See you in the next blog! Sharing a story.