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“Compound Eyes” – Savanna 9/19 – 9/22

Have you ever imagined being able to see in many directions from one angle?

Our little inquirers are so fond and fascinated with the dragonflies’ compound eyes, they very well know that these creatures are able to see in many directions effortlessly.

In their Phonics class, they got the chance to experience using compound eyes. During their inquiry about dragonflies, they made compound eyes for their craft, and finally, they were able to play with them as they looked for words under the “it” word family.



フォニックスのレッスンでは、以前作製したトンボの眼鏡(複眼)を使ってゲームをしました。「it」がつく単語を、 トンボの眼鏡を通して教室中探し回り楽しみました。

Albeit short, this week has been rather busy and productive. The Savanna class inquired about the importance of insects on our planet in our lives. Nobody among them wants to lose insects, so using their imaginative compound eyes, they looked for ways to protect insects. They expressed their thoughts and ideas through poster making. Some of them made posters that said: Don’t cut the trees, plant more flowers, plant more trees. Take care of fruits and vegetables. Don’t spray insecticides on the insects, etc.

今週、私たちの生活にとって地球上に住む昆虫は重要な存在なのかを考えました。サバンナさんたちはみんな、昆虫がいなくなっては困ると言っていました。想像力豊かな複眼を使って、昆虫を守る方法を考え、自分たちの考えやアイディアをポスター作りで表現しました。 〇木を切らないで、花をもっと植えよう 〇木をもっと植えよう。〇果物や野菜を大切にしよう。〇昆虫に殺虫剤をまいてはいけない。など、色々なアイディアがみんなから出ました。

Our bus trip was a lot of fun! The weather was a bit unpleasant, but it was not so bad! We enjoyed running around the park, playing at the playing structures, feeling the grass on our feet, and the wind blowing against our faces. We were also fortunate to witness a plane on the runway taxing, and the pilot even waved at us before taking off! It was memorable for all of us!


One of the Savanna’s favorite games has been added to the list: Red light, Green light, a game similar to “Daruma-san”. The children approach the leader until the leader turns around and says “Red light,” and if they touch the leader, they win. The child who was moving when the leader turned around has to go back to the starting line. Everyone enjoy this game.

子どもたちの大好きな遊びがまたひとつ増えました。Red light, Green lightというゲームで、「だるまさん転んだ」のような遊びです。鬼がRed light といって振り向くまで、子どもたちは鬼に近づき、鬼にタッチしたら勝ちです。鬼が振り向いた時に動いていた子は、スタートラインまで戻らなければなりません。みんな夢中になって遊んでいます♬

We have been busy as bees this week, but our work isn’t done yet, next week will be our Insect Fair, and we can’t wait to showcase the results of our inquiry and share what we have learned! See you there!



Have a nice weekend!