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Meadow:First experiences galore; Sports Festival 2023(September 18th~22nd)

Welcome to Meadow’s third blog of the month.
From the very start of our week until Thursday we directed most of our energy toward preparing for Sports Festival day.

Sports Festival rehearsal

On the big day nursery is going to sing and dance to two songs together with the older classes.They will also participate in a race and ball throwing game. After the teacher calls the students’ names they have to respond by shouting “I’m here” and walking toward the race start line. That’s what we have been basically practising to do.

スポーツフェスティバルで歌ったり踊る曲の振り付けや応援の方法を教えにMWクラスのお友達が来てくれました。かけっこでは先生が名前を呼んだら、”I’m here “とこたえて、スタートラインに向かったり、玉入れの練習もしました。本番に向けて練習を頑張ってきました!

Fruit craft

On Tuesday we made oranges as part of our Tuesday craft activity. Everyone loves oranges because they taste so good and they are loaded with vitamin C! They are also said to have a refreshing smell that helps in reducing stress. So to those of you who really didn’t consume enough of this wonderful fruit ,let’s eat more oranges from now on!


We like playing in the mud

During mud play we made hamburger patties and sugar dusted cookies with mud! This really showed how imaginative the students are!


We did our best on Friday the 22nd!

Meadow students’ parents and grandparents we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for attending our special event. The way you cheered for us and your mere presence gave us that extra push to perform to the best of our abilities. We made a special memory together that will be etched in our memories for a long time!


Have a nice weekend and take good care of yourseves. See you on Monday!