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Enjoy expression! Aurora 03th-08th December (表現を楽しむ!)

こんにちは!クリスマスショーが来週に迫り、今週も子ども達は練習に余念がありません。クリスマスショーで披露する劇は、普段私達が主な表現方法として用いている会話(言葉)とは異なる表現方法のひとつです。キャラクターの気持ちや考え、表情や態度にも思いを巡らせながら練習をしています。自分で選んだ役柄に一層の愛着を感じてもらう為、クラフトの活動では自分の役柄のお面を作成しました。紙皿に絵具で色を塗り、ハサミを使って紙を耳と鼻の形に切って貼り、最後に表情をつけて完成させました。同じ型紙、パーツを使っていても完成した作品はどれも個性的で世界に一つの逸品です。早速かぶっては、そのキャラクターになりきって、はしゃぐ子ども達を愛おしく思います。そして自ら”劇の練習がしたい!””練習をやろうよ!”と言ってくれる頑張り屋さんです。クリスマスショーの練習も今回のクラフトもUnit-3のテーマ「How express ourselves」にも通ずるとても良い刺激になっています。

Hi, everyone. The Christmas show is coming up next week, and our young children have been busy practicing this week as well. The plays performed at Christmas shows are a form of expression that is different from the conversation (words) that we usually use as our main form of expression. We practice while thinking about the characters’ feelings, thoughts, expressions, and attitudes. In order to make our young children feel even more attached to the role they had chosen; in the craft activity they created a mask of their own character. They painted a paper plate with paint, used scissors to cut the paper into the shape of ears and a nose, and pasted it on Finally, they added expressions to complete it. Even though they use the same pattern and parts, each completed piece is unique and a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We love the way they immediately put them on, become the characters, and have fun. And they are hard workers who say “We want to practice for the play!” “Let’s practice!” Both the practice for the Christmas show and this craft have been very stimulating as they relate to the theme of Unit-3 “How we can express ourselves.”


Please come to school well next week too! Have a nice weekend!