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Rainbow: Rudolph for the win! (December 11th~15th)

Hi everyone!みなさま、こんにちは!

Welcome to Rainbow’s third blog of December. It is needless to say that the highlight of this week was the Christmas show. For the past few weeks it’s all we focused our time and energy on. Separation anxiety is something toddlers have to deal with for a while during their developmental journey but we applaud our Rainbow friends for being very brave from the start to the end of the whole event. A few might not have been able to dance as well as they did during practise due to being overcome by different emotions but everyone did their very best! Another amazing thing is that this year’s Rainbow class was the very first to ever perform on stage without teachers standing at both ends of the stage with them. We were a bit skeptical at first as we feared a few would cry but they outdid themselves!Great job Rainbow.


We conquered our stage fright!ステージフライトを克服!

We all have stood on a stage to give a performance or speech at some point in our lives. It can be a nerve wrecking experience. Now put yoursleves in a 2 year old or a 3 year old’s shoes.The only word that comes to mind is petrified. This was their first experience standing in front of a large audience but they overcame their fears and they did an amazing job!



This week we were taught words that begin with the letter “P.” These were panda, pencil, penguin, pig, pizza and pan. There are a lot of English words that begin with p and the way they are sounded become a bit complicated as letters like h and s are placed next to p. A good example is “ph” which is sounded out as “fff”. It is important that the students know the basics from a very early age so that when they get to the stage where they start learning tough words they will be ok.

今週はPから始まる単語を学び、Pの持つ音を学びました。pandaパンダ, pencil鉛筆, penguinペンギン, pig豚, pizzaピザ panなべ、などです。Pから始まる言葉は英語の中ではとても多く、そしてさらにPの隣にHやSが来ると複雑な発音になります。このよい例が、PHで、音はph(f)となります。とても早い段階からこの音を知り学ぶことはとても重要になります。今後、子どもたちがさらに複雑な音に出会ったとき、この知識はとても役に立ちます。


Christmas show was our main focus this week but we tried not to forget to divert a bit of our attention to the monthly topic.We immersed ourselves in words associated with clothing. Jacket, bow tie, swimsuit, shawl, blouse, dress, t-shirt and skirt are some of the words we learnt.

クリスマスショーは今週のメインでしたが、マンスリーテーマにもしっかりと触れてきました!今月はClothing衣類です。Jacket上着, bow tieリボン, swimsuit水着, shawlショール, blouseブラウス, dressワンピース, t-shirtティーシャツ skirtスカート、などを学んでいます。


On Monday and Tuesday we walked to the park! By now you all know the park is our favorite place to soak in some sun and breathe in some fresh air! We had lots of fun this week too.


Now that the biggest event of the school calendar is over we can all take a breather and get some much needed rest! Take care of yourselves and let’s have lots of fun again next week. Until then, it’s goodbye from us!


Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.以下のリンクは今週歌った曲です。