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2023 full of memories -19th-22nd December (思い出いっぱいの2023年)

こんにちは、皆さん。今週は2023年最後の一週間でした。この一年の思い出作りとしてオーロラのみんなで「パンケーキパーティー」開催しました!くしくもMs.Aizaは4年振りのフィリピン帰省を控え、その間の臨時英語担任を務めるMr.Bobbyがやってきた週なので、パーティーは歓送迎会の意味も込めて行いました。子ども達は材料のホットケーキミックスや牛乳を計量し、卵とバニラエッセンスを入れて混ぜたら生地が出来上がりました!パンケーキは先生達がホットプレートで焼きました。まあるい生地がぷくぷくと踊り出したら、いよいよひっくり返します。子ども達も先生と一緒にひっくり返しにチャレンジしました。1,2,3 ほい!何度も何度も歓声が上がりました!完成後に小さく切ったパンケーキを試食し、あとは午後のスナックタイムに食べました。仲間と一緒に自分で作ったパンケーキは格別で特別な味わいでした。楽しい、美味しい素敵な時間でした。Ms.Aiza気をつけてフィリピンに行ってきてください。Mr.Bobby約1か月、オーロラの子ども達と楽しく過ごしましょう!

Hello everyone.! This week was the last week of INS in 2023. We held a “Pancake Party” with everyone in Aurora to make memories from this past year! Coincidentally, Ms.Aiza is about to return to the Philippines for the first time in four years, and Mr.Bobby, who will serve as temporary English teacher, will be arriving this week, so the party was also held as a welcome and farewell party. The children measured the pancake mix and milk ingredients, added eggs and vanilla essence, mixed them together, and the dough was completed! The teachers baked the pancakes on a hot plate. Once the round dough starts to bounce and dance, it’s time to turn it over. Our young children also took on the challenge of flipping it over with their teacher. 1,2,3 Go! Cheers went up again and again! After finishing it, we tried the pancakes cut into small pieces and ate the rest during snack time in the afternoon. The pancakes we made themselves with their friends had a special taste. It was a fun, delicious and wonderful time. Ms.Aiza, please be careful when you come to the Philippines. Mr.Bobby Let’s have fun with the children of Aurora for about a month!


On Thursday, a birthday party was held for a friend born in December. In Aurora, one boy turned 4 years old. happy Birthday! !


On the last day of school, we cleaned the classrooms, lockers, and tools we had used all year, feeling grateful for them. After organizing their belongings in the locker, they wiped the inside of the locker clean with a rag. This will make the new year feel good!


We would like to thank all parents for your understanding and cooperation during this year. thank you very much. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!