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New year, new start−Canyon(January 8th−12th)

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!

After the New Year’s holiday, the children came with smiles and talked about their vacations.

We started Unit 4 of our Inquiry and we will be talking about transportation. The LINES OF INQUIRY 1 is about the Type of transportation found in the Land, Sea, and Sky. We started the lesson by explaining the meaning of transportation. We explained that transportation is a general word for all the methods used to move themselves and their goods from one place to another. After that, we did the prior knowledge assessment to assess how much the children know about transportation. Next, we did the sorting the type of transportation by cutting the pictures and sticking them to the appropriate boxes in the worksheet. We can see transportation anywhere so kids are familiar with them. Most of them were able to answer correctly. Good job, Canyon.



LINES OF INQUIRY 1は、陸・海・空にある交通機関の種類についてです。交通機関とは、ある場所から別の場所へと人や荷物を移動させるために使われる乗り物の事だと説明し、どんな乗り物があるかを考えてもらいました。子ども達は好きな乗り物についてなので、車やバス、電車、気球、ボートなどたくさんの意見が出ました。乗り物の種類だけを話し合った状態で、陸・海・空のどこに属する乗り物なのかをどのくらい理解しているのかワークシートを使って確認しました。身近にある乗り物なので、内容をしっかりと理解出来ていて、ハサミの使い方もノリの量もとても上手に使いながら取り組む事ができました。

In our Alphabet tracing and coloring, this week we did the letter H. After singing the alphabet song, the kids put their hands in the air and traced the letter H. Then, they enjoyed tracing and coloring on the sheet of paper we provided.


Get rid of the freezing weather

We don’t want to miss the good weather by playing in the yard. Although it was freezing cold, kids got their body warm by chasing with each other and played with their PAKAPOKO stilts. It was challenging at first but when kids got used to walking with their stilts, they felt accomplished and proud.


Thank you for this week. Keep warm and enjoy your weekend