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乗り物いっぱい見つけたよ!Aurora 15th-19th January (We found a lot of Transporation!)

皆さん、こんにちは。オーロラクラスではユニット4「Transportation」の探求が進んでいます。注意深く見ると私達の身の回り、生活の中でもたくさんの乗り物を発見できます。子ども達は様々な乗り物を見つけては「Crane Truck!」「Train」「Gavage Truck!」など教えてくれます。今週は見たり、乗ったり(スクールバス)、音を聞いたり、クラフトを作ったり、乗り物発見に満ちた一週間でした。クラフトの「乗り物貼り絵」では、制作に入る前に3つのグループに分かれ、1組に3つの乗り物の玩具を渡し、よく観察するようにお願いしました。そして3つの内の1つを選んでもらい、各グループ毎に前に出て、その乗り物の種類(名称)、色、形(タイヤはまるい、窓は四角いなど)について発表してもらいました。その後、様々な形に切られた色画用紙をそれぞれ好きなように組み合わせ、糊で貼って乗り物クラフトを完成させました。最後に自分が作った乗り物をクラスで発表したり、お友達と見せ合ったり、楽しい活動に大興奮のオーロラ達でした。よくできました!


Hello everyone! In the Aurora class, the exploration of unit 4 “Transportation” is progressing. If we look carefully, we can discover many transportations around us and in our lives. Our young children find various transfers and teach us things like “Crane Truck!”, “Train”, and “Gavage Truck!”. This week was filled with seeing, riding (school bus), listening to sounds, making crafts, and discovering transfers. For the craft “Transportation Paste” project, before starting the production, children were divided into three groups, and each group was given three transfer toys and asked to observe them carefully. We then asked the children to choose one of the three, and each group came to the front and announced the type (name), color, and shape of the vehicle (round tires, square windows, etc.). After that, the children combined colored paper cut into various shapes as they liked and pasted them together with glue to complete the transportation craft. At the end, the Auroras were very excited about the fun activities, such as presenting the vehicles they had made to the class and showing them off to their friends. Good job!

We received a toy transfers from the family of a friend in our class. The children are very happy and are playing right away. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding and cooperation in our school (class) activities. thank you very much.


The Phonics lessons have started at “W.W.” As usual, we thought about that sound and words that start with “W”, learned about them, and worked on writing. ` `Search for W” – We played a game of selecting only “W” from a group of similar letters such as W/w/V/M written on the whiteboard and circling it, as well as an alphabet CARUTA card. Everyone took a few pieces and had a lot of fun!!


Have a nice weekend!