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Making Buildings and Community Helpers-Shooting Star-January 15th-19th



Thank you dear parents for coming to observe the Shooting Star class’s Swimming Open Day. The pragmatic growth of our children has made them more capable of accomplishing their tasks. We have witnessed how competent they are now.

保護者の皆様方にはShooting Starクラスのスイミング参観をご覧になりにお越し頂きましたことを感謝申し上げます。実際に子供達の成長を見て頂き、より課題が出来るようになったことがお分かりになるかと思います。みんな今では本当に出来るようになったことが見て取れます。

This week has quite been busy as we had our full timetable. On Monday, we had our Swimming Open Day. Shooting Star students were delighted seeing their parents watching them do the lesson. They have proven their competence while they were having fun in the water.

今週、予定が詰まっておりかなり忙しい週となりました。月曜日はスイミング参観日であり、Shooting Starクラスの子供達は保護者の方々がレッスンを見学に来られて喜んでおりました。プールで楽しんでいる間、みんなよく頑張っていました。

On one morning, while we were doing the workstation, we heard the sound of the earthquake alarm. Everyone stood up right away and hid under the table. After confirming that we were safe, we gathered around the play area and talked about keeping safe during the earthquake and after that the teachers cheered the class for doing a great job.


On Tuesday and Thursday, we were so engaged on our lessons as we delved into our inquiry about the buildings and community helpers. Lots of discussions and sharing of ideas took place as we talked about the buildings where community helpers work and the name of their occupation as helpers of the community. We have learned lots of new words/vocabulary through flashcards and videos. We watched different videos of community helpers to see how their workplace looks like and how they carry out their job. Then, each Shooting Star students decided to make a building with origami paper and colored pencils. The next day, we made community helpers with a human body outline prepared by teachers. It was quite challenging activity because after the teacher explained what to do by showing an example, the human outline was distributed to students and they, out of their own creativity, made their own community helper using recycled papers/construction papers, scissors, glue, tape, and a straw. Guess what? The result was beyond our expectation!

火曜日、木曜日に建物と地域で働く人人について学びを深く掘り下げ、レッスンに取り組みました。多くの意見が出て地域で働く人々の建物や職業名を話合いました。多くの新しい語彙をフラッシュカードや映像で学びました。地域で働く人々の異なるビデオを見てどのように働いているのか、どのように仕事を行っているのかを見ました。そこでShooting Starクラスの子供達は折り紙で建物を追って色鉛筆で描くことにしました。翌日、先生が用意した人型の地域で働く人を作りました。かなり難しい活動でした。というのも、サンプルを見せて何をするのか説明した後、人型を子供達に配り、想像力を働かせて再生紙、模造紙、ハサミ、糊、テープ、ストローを使用して自分達の地域で働く人を作り上げました。何が出来たかですって?結果は想像を遥かに上回るものでした!

In addition, we also have our Music and Gym lesson. The skills of sustained attention, task initiation, and task persistence has been getting better. It has developed through playing the pianica and engaging the physical activities.


Above all, walking and playing in the park was a crucial part of our timetable this week. Playing with our friends allow us to improve better our peer-to-peer relationship. It also helps us gained advanced motor skills and appreciation for the environment.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.