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Going Further – Savanna 02/05 ~ 02/09

In the cycle of inquiry, there are 5 stages: Tuning In, Finding Out, Sorting Out, Going Further, and Reflecting and Acting. The Savanna class has reached the Going Further stage for the current unit of inquiry, where they look for opportunities to engage further and dive deeper to get more information and learn more about the subject.

This week, despite the bad weather conditions, the whole class headed to the place where one of the superheroes of the community works, the Police Station. There, we were warmly welcomed by a city police officer. He shared with us his job and responsibilities, he also toured us around the station and even had us experience riding the Police Patrol Car, that was fun! The kids looked so cool behind the wheel of the police car!

探究のサイクルには、【課題を設定】→【情報の収集】→【整理】→【分析】→【振り返り・アクション】の5つの段階があります。現在サバンナクラスでは、コミュニティヘルパーに関するユニットで、「Going Further=さらに深く探究する」の段階に達していて、コミュニティヘルパーについてより多くの情報を得たり、より深く学ぼうとしています。


Our class was also visited by one of the medical team members, a therapist, and another superhero of the community! It was so wonderful to see how a therapist does their job; and how they make patients feel better. The talk started by exposing us to real-life pictures of their place of work and the tools they use. Everyone was in awe as we looked visit their world through pictures. The best part was when the therapist treated the Savanna teachers and fixed their bodies, readjusting them and making them soft and light. We learned a lot while having fun!


We were very fortunate to have been graced by the presence of a professional ballerina, who is now helping the community by conducting ballet lessons! Entertainment plays a very important role in keeping the community healthy, it spreads happiness and inspiration thus making its members vigorous and energetic. The ballet teacher shared with us some of the tools to perform her job like her dress, shoes, and more. We closed the visit by trying how to bow like an elegant ballerina.


It has been a long week for everybody, there were lots of events, happenings, and learnings, but most importantly there was also a lot of fun,


Have a happy long weekend and see you next week as we and our inquiry go further!