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A Visit to the Recycling Center! MW 2/5-9

Setsubun involves a lot of bean eating and bean throwing to ward off evil spirits that bring disaster, misfortune and bad health and marks the end of winter. Last Friday, we did the traditional  Setsubun activity at school. Milky Way was not scared of the demons that came to our classroom. They were actually excited to see demons and keep asking “Where is the demon? When are they coming?” When the demon came, they started throwing the balls they made using newspaper. Everyone said “Demons out! Good luck in!”.


This week, we learned about the third R on 3 R’s which is “recycle”. We collect and sort the garbage to make new things. We reviewed the recycling signs posted on our Discovery Wall and found out that if the garbage has a mark/symbol on it, it is recyclable. Once again we sorted some garbage altogether by checking the marks on them and put them on the appropriate basket with the same symbol. After that, we looked at the garbage disposal guide of Matsumoto and checked the colors where the signs can be found. They found plastic mark on the yellow section; paper, carton, steel, and aluminum marks on the green section; plastic bottle mark on the yellow green section. Those are some of the recyclable materials.


By group, they started completing a worksheet by finding out what other recyclable materials that can be found in the green and yellow green section on the garbage disposal guide. They wrote the name and drew the picture. They will continue working on it next week and have a presentation to share what they discovered.


The highlight of the week is our visit to SynEco recycling center. They saw various electronic devices and the staff showed them how to disassemble the CPU of a computer. Everyone was amazed to see the inside of the CPU and was curious about the many small parts of it. They also had a short lecture about 3 R’s and discovered that we can make one roll of toilet paper using 6 pieces of milk carton. Another thing that amazed them was when they saw big cubes of pressed aluminum cans and a crane taking a broken car and other materials into a crashing machine and how they turned into small pieces of metal. What a wonderful learning experience!


That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!