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Transportation and Alphabet- Canyon(Feb. 26th- Mar. 1st)

Hello everyone,

We started the week making the children’s crafts for the Doll Festival. March 3rd is known as Hina-Matsuri, the Doll Festival- a day when people celebrate their daughters’ birth and healthy growth. Kids enjoyed gluing and drawing the faces of the girl and the boy. They made their version of Hina-sama and Dairi-sama. They look so cute and they can decorate them at home.


We learned the Alphabet O and P and the words that start with the letter. We did the tracing and coloring and did some activities. Some of the words that start with the letter O are octopus, ox, ostrich, October, onion, and orange. We did the worksheet finding the pictures that start with the letter O and coloring them.

アルファベットのOとP、そしてその文字から始まる単語を学びました。Oから始まる単語には、octopus, ox, ostrich, October, onion, orangeなどがあります。ワークシートでは、Oから始まる絵を見つけて丸で囲み色を塗りました。

In the letter P, kids had a blast fishing the letter P. We divided them into two groups and they had to get in the car to go to the sea for fishing. We prepared many fish with different letters written but they only had to catch the letter P. They were able to recognize the letter and enjoyed racing with their friends.


Kids enjoyed playing with sand and they pretended to make foods that start with the letter P such as …pasta, pineapple, peach, and pie.


Indoor free play

自由遊びの時も、子ども達の探究や遊びの発展は止まりません。これは、新しい電車だから速いんだよ!一緒に繋げて長くしよう!一つの遊びを通して、協力して一緒に作ったり、遊びを広げたりして楽しむ姿があります。こんな日常の一コマにも、自分の知っている知識や学んだことを友達に提案する(Knowlegeable)、挑戦してみる(Risktaker)、上手くいかなかったから違う方法を試してみよう(Reflective)という、私たちが子ども達に育ってほしい学習者像(Lerner profile)が育んでいます。

Thank you for this week. Keep warm and have a fantastic weekend.