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Last Hurrah! Savanna May 4th-8th

Two more weeks and the Savanna class is moving forward to the next chapter of their learning journey, and as risk-takers, as they are, they can’t just move on without doing something that will leave a mark on the school community and will have an impact to lots of people.


In connection with their inquiry about the rescue teams of the community; they thought of ways where they could extend the same help to everybody. Given their limited energy and resources, the thought of giving help seemed impossible, but they would take no for an answer so they came up with doing a thing that they are good at, singing!

With a very short time of practicing, they were able to come up with a good number to use to serenade their parents to earn money; their performance may not have been perfect, but it was delivered with love and empathy towards the Noto Peninsula Earthquake victims


みんなの思いが能登半島地震の被災者の方々へ届きますように、と心を込め、何度も練習した振りをつけて「Tomorrow 」を歌いました。

The donation drive was pronounced a success this Friday! The Savanna class was able to collect a decent amount of money and brought it to the city hall personally. The city counselors were amazed to see the efforts of our little inquirers; their eagerness to help the community was just applaudable and heartwarming!

There could be no better way to end their Savanna journey than this, a Last Hurrah that will stay in the heart of everyone forever!





See you in the next blog and have a good weekend!