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Rainforest 4/15-4/19 “Finding Out”

What is healthy and unhealthy?

The Rainforest class is now in the second stage of their inquiry. A research activity was needed to find out the answer to the questions above.

To make this happen, the whole class divided themselves into two groups: One group was tasked to look for information about Healthy and the other Unhealthy. The inquirers made good use of the library, each group took turns and went to the library for their research activity. They read books, watched videos, looked at some pictures, and recorded their findings on paper.




Their presentation went well: They shared all the facts they had gathered and helped their friends discover the meaning of the words healthy and unhealthy. One of the things they found out was that eating fruits and vegetables is healthy, but why? Is this true or not?


The next inquiry will be about this question, we’ll delve into the three types of food and see how these foods make us healthy.


Their Japanese lesson has finally started. All we can see during the lesson is excitement and joy: They sing songs, talk in Japanese, draw, read stories in Japanese, and many more. Super fun! We can’t wait for everybody to be able to write their names and other words in Hiragana.


Our Phonics lessons had a big turn: Many of our little inquirers find it challenging to pronounce the sound “r”, so to help them figure out and come out victorious over this challenge, we’re looking at the controlled vowel sounds or we say in our class The Bossy “R”. Our little inquirers enjoys looking at words that have r and find it funny to pronounce the “r” sound, but sooner or later we will be able to get the mastery of it and defeat this “bossy R”.

日本語にはない”R”の発音に子ども達も苦戦しています。Bossy “R”は、母音にRが付くとこもったような 音になります。音が変わる母音に注目しながら発音 “R”をマスターし、打ち勝ちたいと思います!

This is the one of the songs we sing in the class.

クラスで歌っているMonrning songです。

Have a wonderful weekend!