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Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7: Busy bees

Hello, everyone! Another eventful week is behind the class.
The students inquired into the second Line of Inquiry of this Unit, titled “Consuming food in a proper way”. They discussed the proper ways to clean, prepare and eat food and followed up with a video assignment. One team filmed a video on the proper way of eating sushi, while the other focused on cleaning, preparing and consuming a salad. Next week we will talk about waste and disposing food in a proper way. 🍣🥗


As part of their ongoing assignment to create, film and edit a short commercial for their area, the students visited locations in Shiga to film this week. First, they discussed the possibilities of growing food with owners of a local cabbage farm Tabekura after which they talked about using the community’s help to grow a local business with owners of a pizza shop Coudo. Thank you everyone for your involvement and help. 🍕🥬


On Thursday, the students were visited by employees of the Matsumoto city road safety department to participate in a lesson on road safety. They heard interesting information about being safe while walking and riding the bike. Thank you to the Matsumoto city for organizing the workshop! 🤗


The students have been busy with other things as well. Their Christmas show performance plans are progressing very fast as well and they have already thought of the story line and music numbers of their play. This doesn’t stop our busy bees from dabbling in other activities either and they have used this week’s art lesson to re-pot the plants they have been growing in water for the past month and use their art skills to decorate the pots that now house their new pets. Everyone seemed pleased with their creations.🌱


Have a fun long weekend and see you next week! 🐝🐝🐝