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Aurora at Work (May 7-15)

Craft is an activity involving skill in making things by hand. Making a craft plays a very important role in children’s development. Most crafts involve moving hands and fingers which develop their fine motor skills. When children color, paint, glue and cut, their motor skills gradually increase.
Let us take a look at some of the crafts that our children did!
For the first time, Aurora practiced using scissors. They were reminded on how to use scissors: Scissors are use for cutting papers only. We don’t cut someone’s hair and fingers. Don’t walk when using scissors. Its blades are sharp, so don’t hit nor poke someone using scissors.

クラフトは物を手で作る能力が必要になります。クラフト作りは、子供たちの成長に欠かせない大切なアクティビティです。クレヨンを握って絵を描いたり色を塗ったり、ハサミで紙を切ったりすることは、指や手の筋肉の成長を促してくれます。そしてこの日はオーロラさんにとって初めて、ハサミを使うクラフトをしました✂️ 初めてなので、もちろん正しいハサミの使い方、ルールを学びました。オーロラクラスで使うハサミは、紙を切るもので、他の人や自分の髪の毛を切ったりするために使わないこと。人には向けてチョキチョキしないこと。ハサミはとても鋭く、簡単に人を傷つけてしまうので、気をつけること。みんな真剣にお話を聞くことができました👀👍

To thank their loving mommies for the Mother’s Day, we made a flower pot card. They cut the pot following the lines and pasted the card on it. Then we made tulip flowers by gluing two petals together and pasted them on the green strips of papers as stems. Hope you’d like it!

初めてのハサミを使ったクラフトは、「母の日」のプレゼントでした😍 鉢をハサミで切り、カードをのりではり、チューリップの花を緑の長い紙(茎)煮付け、はい出来上がり💐 お母さんが気に入ってくれるといいなぁ〜と思いながら一生懸命作りました!お母さんいつもありがとう❤️

Aurora also made a bee craft using a paper plate and colored papers. They cut small strips of yellow paper and glued them on the backside of the plate. We use longer cut of black paper to complete its body. Stickers were added for its eyes and black pipe cleaner for its antennas. It was a little bit challenging for our boys and girls because they needed to cut as many yellow papers until they covered the whole plate. You did it, Aurora. Good job!


Crafts also give children a sense of achievement and builds their confidence. Finishing their craft and seeing their product makes them feel good.


For our UOI lesson, we just finished the first LOI: This is my body. Our last activity was getting their footprints. It was so funny to trace their feet because it gave them a ticklish feeling everytime we moved the pencil around their feet. They glued their footprints on another paper, drew their toenails and counted them, and measured how long they are using cube blocks. We practiced saying, I have 10 toes. and My feet are 7 or 8 cubes long. We concluded that we are all the same because we all have 10 toes and we are also different because some feet measure 7 and others have 8.

We also started on our second LOI: My favorites. We learned that favorite means a thing that we really like. We sang a song entitled Do you like broccoli ice cream? We even did thumbs up and down as signs of like and dislike. Based from the song, they chose the food they like and said “I like _____. “ Aurora enjoyed this song and they keep singing it over and over again!


そして今週は新しいLOIに入りました。LOI2は「私のお気に入り」についてです。まずは単語favouriteの意味を学びます。そして「ブロッコリーアイスクリームは好き?」という歌をみんなで歌いました。この歌は歌いながら自分が好きな物には親指を上に向けて「Yes I do」嫌いな物には親指を下に向けて「No I don’t」と歌う曲です。オーロラのみんなはとっても楽しく歌を歌ってくれました!中には一日中この歌を口ずさんでいた子もいました♬

That’s it. Thank you for reading our blog! Have a wonderful weekend!