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Grades 4, 5 and 6: Teaching others

Hello, everyone! The second-to-last week of this school year came to and end and the students have been busy finishing all of their projects.


They reflected on the things they previously learned in the Unit on sustainability and what might be the possible reasons for humans not to be able to live on Earth anymore. Everyone agreed that keeping the Earth clean and safe for life should be our priority, but also discussed our possible “Plan B”. The students drew or wrote essays on their personal ideas, which mostly revolved around establishing a human colony on Mars and solving the problems associated with life there: lack of oxygen, insufficient supply of water, cold air etc. 🚀


The students final summative assessment for this Unit will be to prepare a short lesson for Milky Way, Grade 1, 2 and 3 students on the topic of space. This will enable the students to students to practice their co-operation, organisational and public speaking skills, as well as test their knowledge, because the best way to see how much you know is to retell that to someone else. 👩‍🏫


In Economics an Society and Health lessons, the students reflected on everything they learned so far by making posters outlining their knowledge. In Geography, the student individually gathered information about the usage of water in a specific country they choose. In Math, they learned how to easily multiply decimal numbers. Stay safe and enjoy the sunny weather this weekend! 🌷