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LET'S GO TO THE ZOO!!! Rainbow- March 2-6

Hello March!
We are on the last month of this school year! This month has a lot to give to our little ones.

This week, we started our new lesson about “Zoo Animals”. We determined what are the different animals we can see in the Zoo.
They also learned a new song about the topic entitled: “I’m Going to the Zoo”.
今週は動物園の動物について学びました。動物園ではどんな動物がいるのかを知り、「I’m Going to the Zoo」という歌も楽しく歌いました。
【I’m Going to the Zoo リンク👇】

As part of this new lesson, we made a very cute “Lion craft”. They put googly eyes, nose, they drew mouth, ears and they put colorful tapes around the lion’s face as a fur.

Everyone had a lot of fun in our Music lesson. We had a new set of songs. They really enjoyed it!

Look at how our young ones did great in our obstacle course! They balanced themselves on the balance beam, then go through the tunnel, and they jumped on the rings. This kind of exercise is really good for their gross motor skills. Good job, Rainbow!

Let’s take a look how our youngsters enjoyed their outside play. We also had a chance to take a walk outside!

Have a great weekend everyone!