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Grade 4 and 5: Kings and Queens

Another week is behind Grade 4 and 5 students, and it was an exciting one – lots of weather changes (from sunny to rainy to sunny again!) and lots of things happening in the classroom and around the school! 🌧️
We continued our exploration of governments by talking about different types of governments around the world and comparing them to the Japanese one. Each student chose a country, did their own research on the topic of that country’s government structure and presented their findings in the form of poster and short oral presentation. We’ve learned many interesting information and this research has helped us understand the types (autocracy, democracy, monarchy, republic), systems (unitary country, federation, confederation) and levels (federal, prefectural, local) of the government much more clearly. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is the official monarch of Australia? Or that the Spanish king Felipe VI is over 190cm tall? Or that jeans were invented in Germany and the ball pen in Croatia? 👑
On Thursday, we went further down the timeline of political events by discussing how a country can change its political or government system and why. The students were familiar with the topic of Marie Anotinette, Louis XVI. and the French revolution and suggested that a change of government, while hard to do at the time, can lead to good things – like people electing their own leaders and participating in making choices about their country. Other mentioned examples were those of the start of Meiji period in Japan, the American fight for independence and the Berlin Wall and its breaking, which united East and West Germany, changed the government system of East Germany and marked the end of the Cold War. 👗
On Friday, we went on a Bus Excursion to Matsumoto City Hall. After learning for about two weeks about different levels of government and their functions, it was very informative for the students to hear detailed first-hand information about the local government of our city Matsumoto. It also helped them appreciate all the hard work that goes into making all parts of the city run smoothly, from the traffic department, school department and to the mayor himself. We also learned more about the duties and rights of citizens and how they go hand-in-hand with the jobs of the local government. Thank you to our wonderful guide and everyone at the City Hall that took the time to accommodate the students. 🏯
Our afternoon lessons are coming along smoothly as well. In English, we are putting focus on vocabulary practice through games and sentence-making activities, using words from books we are currently reading and some that were taught in previous grades. In Math, we are working on building multiplication (especially mentally) and division skills by using real-life situations and price numbers. In Health, we continued discussing the digestive systems. We talked about the importance of checking nutritional values of food, not just calorie count, but also protein, fat, vitamins etc. In Economics and Society, we talked about the problems of scarcity – how we may have unlimited needs and wants, but our resources are limited. Computer lesson brought more of Logo programming in Turtle Academy, while Friday’s Art was dedicated to making shapes come to life using only a simple technique of making dots with markers. Thursday was another cooking lesson and this time the students baked chocolate cakes with nuts! The entire school smelled delicious! 🍰
Never to rush headfirst into things, the students have started planning their this year’s Christmas performance already. They have come up with the idea and have decided to write the script, choose the songs and create their costumes and props themselves. Let’s all work together very hard over the upcoming months! 🎁
Have a wonderful three day weekend! 🌈
引き続き世界中の様々なタイプの政治について学び、日本の政治と比べました。各自で一カ国選び、その国の政府構造について自分達で調べ、ポスターに調べて分かったことを書き短いプレゼンテーションを行いました。私たちは多くの興味深い情報を学び、今回調べたことは政府の種類(独裁、民主主義、君主制、共和国)、システム(統一国、連邦、連合)およびレベル(連邦、県、地方)をより明確に理解するのに役立ちました。エリザベス女王2世はオーストラリアの君主であることを知っていましたか?スペイン王フェリペ6世は慎重が190cm以上もあることを知っていましたか?ジーンズはドイツで発明され、ボールペンはクロアチアで発明されたと知っていましたか? 👑
コンピューターレッスンは、タートルアカデミーのロゴプログラミングをより多く取り入れて学びました。 金曜日のアートは、マーカーでドットを作成する簡単なテクニックのみを使い、形を作ることに専念しました。木曜日は毎月恒例のクッキングレッスンがありました。今回はナッツチョコレートケーキを焼きました!キャンパス全体に美味しそうな匂いがしました!🍰
今年もいよいよクリスマスデイのパフォーマンスを決める時期になりました。急いで進めていく必要は必要はありませんが、皆で今年のパフォーマンスについて計画し始めました。色々なアイディアが出てきました。そして、今年は台本を自分達で書き、歌を選び、衣装を作り、小道具を作ることに決めました。これから数ヶ月協力して頑張っていきましょう! 🎁