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Rainbow September 9-13

These are the highlights of our Rainbow students’ week!
Look at how they enjoyed playing outside. They drew animals, trains, and even themselves on the ground!

It was a great day at the gym! We did some exercises, danced, and practiced the race for the upcoming sports festival. Our little ones did very well!

For our lesson this week, we discussed big and small.今週のレッスンでは、big and smallを学びました。
On this topic, our youngsters identified which was a big and a small shape.このトピックでは、子供たちはどちらが大きいか、または小さいかを分けることを通して学びました。

We also talked about the different kinds of food wherein they learned new phrases such as: “I like _____”, “I don’t like _____”, “Yes, I do!, and “No, I don’t like!”
またFoodについて学び、”I like _____”, “I don’t like _____”, “Yes, I do!, “No, I don’t like!”などのフレーズを使って、英語をセンテンスで言う練習もしました。

We had a fun guessing game as we learned about the different kinds of shapes.
shapes(図形)についてもguessing gameをとおして、楽しく学びました。
Happy Grandparents’ Day!!!
Our young ones made a special “pizza card” for our beloved grandparents.❤️
今週末に迎える敬老の日に向けて、”pizza card”を制作しました。Happy Grandparents’ Day!!!

This morning, fire fighters visited our campus. They taught us the safety precautions when there is a fire and how to use the fire extinguisher properly. We also had a chance to take photos with the fire engine.

Have a great weekend everyone!良い週末をお過ごしください!