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Cities, History, and Cakes! 都市・歴史・カップケーキ!

Central Idea: Homes Show Personal Identity and Culture

We began the week by delving into the concept of history, especially our personal histories. We talked about things that have happened to us in the past, and even wrote a book called “the history of me”. We talked about how things that have happened to us affect our own personal identities.

We then moved on to thinking about history in the context of a country. We looked at many pictures of towns and cities from around the world, both past and present. Since our central idea is about “homes”, we looked especially at the types of buildings in the cities, and how they have changed from past to present. Also, and important in our discussions on how history relates to culture, we noticed that many buildings also stay the same. The identity of cities and towns is partly defined by the old buildings, or their “history”. It is that identity that we can also call “culture” when we speak about a country.

On Thursday Ms Keiko Kojima came to teach us cooking! Students had been really looking forward to this lesson. We made lovely cup cakes, and worked together with older students as well. We’re looking forward to our next lesson next month.

This week our Singapore Math sessions saw students deal with quantities, mass, graphs, and other concepts. We all continue to work at our own pace, with one to one conferencing time.

Our English language studies also went really well, and we have been working on increasing our vocabulary, as well as the proper use of punctuation.

We continue to practice for our sports day presentation every day, as well as practice the sports and games that we will be playing.

Next week we will begin to look more specifically at the details and features of homes from around the world.

Have a wonderful  weekend.