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Expressing ourselves Visually 自分を視覚的に表現しました

Hello, everyone! The weather is getting hotter and hotter, as if it is already Summer!
If the last week in Grades 4, 5 and 6 was filled with Music, this one was definitely full of Visual Arts! The students seemed very excited to take on the challenge of designing their own city of the future for a drawing competition organized by construction company Asupia. They immediately got their hands full with research, organizing their ideas and finding the best materials to put them down on paper. Some students wondered what will happen to the sea levels in the future and came up with an idea of a safe underwater city, other seem to think we will live in extremely tall skyscrapers and travel in flying cars. 🔮
After introducing this Unit’s third Line of Inquiry, “Changes in our life cycle determine our responsibilities”, we have discussed the changes that happen to people as they grow older. The students all agreed that their responsibilities differ from those of younger children and adults. It was also a nice way to mention some changes that happen to our bodies during puberty and connect them with the emotional states that people go through, all caused by the hormones in our bodies. The students showed a good understanding of related concepts, even of depression. 🧡
The following day gave us a chance to connect the Science we have been learning about to Art. The students read a RAZ book and a story about Vincent van Gogh’s life and work. Since Van Gogh’s work was heavily influenced by his emotional states, the students discussed which emotions and feeling were present in some of his paintings. They also had a painting assignment of their own – they could paint any motif they chose, but they had to do it in a way that presents an emotion that was given to them. As an exercise in empathy, we all had fun guessing the emotions others were portraying. 🎨
Next week is going to be another busy one, since it is the last week of the current Unit of Inquiry, which calls for the students’ first summative assessment of the year. We will also start preparing our dance and practice schedule for the Sports Day, as well as test out our new helper system, a change which the students initiated themselves.
Let’s hope this weekend is sunny, but not too hot! See you all next week! 🔥
先週の4~6年生クラスは音楽を満喫した一週間でしたが、今週はビジュアルアート満載でした。ある会社の子ども絵画コンクールに出す絵を描きました。未来の自分達の都市・建物をデザインして描き、とても楽しんでいました。リサーチしたり、アイディアを纏めたり、紙に付ける一番良い材料を探したりとやること一杯でした。将来、海水レベルがどうなるのか疑問に思い、安全な水中都市のアイディアをひらめいた子もいました。他には、とても高い超高層ビルに住み空飛ぶ車で旅行しているアイディアを思いついた子もいました。 🔮