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Jobs and Our Community 仕事とコミュニティ

We are now coming to the end of our second week as ISN grade one students. Even though we haven’t been elementary students for very long, everyone is starting to get used to the new environment, lessons, and responsibilities of being in elementary school.

At the end of last week we had our first music lesson, which meant learning to play a new instrument! THE RECORDER!

Students learned the basics about the recorder from Miss Nishimura: how to hold it, how to clean it, how to make a nice sound using “tonging”, and how hard to blow. I’m so excited to see what new songs we will be playing on our new instruments!

On the subject of music, we have also been practicing the songs that the older students sang to us at the welcome ceremony. At the end of the month we will all sing together as one big school! We have already begun memorising the words and even learning the dance moves!

While we are talking about moving our bodies, we have continued our daily running activities. It is clear that running has become much easier for the students, and with the beautiful weather, it has made it even more enjoyable.

We began our unit of inquiry studies on Monday, and we finally found out the central idea was:

“Jobs are essential for communities”

We thought deeply first about the kinds of jobs that exist. Not by type of work, but the kind of personalities people need for those jobs. We used the learner profile attributes: risk-taker, caring, inquirer and communicator. Students worked in group to sort out lots and lots of jobs. The discussions had were very impressive, and helped deepen our understanding of the people who do jobs, as well as the attributes themselves.

When thinking about jobs, we also looked more closely at the job of firefighters together. We each had the same book on firefighters, and we read together. It was then up to each student to choose the most important information on each page and make notes on it. We were sharpening our research skills!

The next day each student was able to choose a book about a job from the library. Students then used their research skills to take the most important information from the book and create a poster. Each student first made a “draft” version of the poster before doing the final version. Here we were learning about planning and improving: thinking skills!

Finally, we looked at what “community” means. We looked at a variety of pictures of groups of people and wrote our ideas on post-it notes. We then discussed these ideas. We realised that a community is essentially a group of people who “share” something. Students realised through their discussion and inquiry, that sharing doesn’t just means pens, pencils and toys. We noticed that it can also mean sharing space, ideas, interests, and even our lives! The concept of community is really important for our studies, so we will keep going deeper in to these ideas through the unit.

Finally, we have been doing lots of language study this week in both English and in Japanese. In English we have been looking at synonyms: words that mean the same thing. For example, big and large or small and little. We even found some synonyms in a book we were reading as a class. We found out that violet means the same as purple, and spuds is the same as potatoes. We will keep hunting for more synonyms as we expand our vocabulary!

In Japanese students continued their studies with Miss Keiko. We have been looking at the proper way to write hiragana characters, as well as the proper manners in Japanese school.

Next week we will begin look further at community, responsibilities, and jobs through actually talking to people who do interesting and important jobs. I think we will make some new friends, and find out some exciting information too! Have a lovely weekend!

月曜日から探究の単元の学びも始めました。セントラルアイディアは、Jobs are essential for communities(社会にとって仕事は必要不可欠である。)です。まずみんなが知っている仕事についてよく考えました。仕事の種類ではなく、それらの仕事に必要な性格について考えました。IBの学習者像、挑戦する人、思いやりのある人、探究する人、コミュニケーションができる人を使い、グループになり沢山の仕事をそれぞれ当てはまると思うものに分類しました。 とても感心させられる話し合いになり、属性や仕事をしている人々について理解することができました。消防士についての仕事についてよく調べました。各自、消防士についての同じ本を持って一緒に読みました。ページ毎に書かれている一番重要な情報を各自で選び、メモを取りました。リサーチスキルを磨くことができました!
翌日は、図書館でそれぞれが仕事についての本を選びました。リサーチスキルを使って、その本から一番重要な情報を選びポスターを作りました。完成版を作る前に草案を作ることで、考えるスキル、計画と改善を学ぶことができました。最後に、コミュニティとは何かを話し合いました。様々なグループの写真を見て、アイディアをポストイットに書いて写真に貼りました。それから、それらアイディアについて話し合いました。そして、コミュニティとは、何かを共有する人々の集まりだということに気づくことが出来ました。子ども達が話し合いにより、共有とは単にペン、鉛筆、おもちゃだけでは無いということを分かることが出来ました。私たちは、共有とは、空間(場所)、アイディア、興味、生活を共有することという意味もあることに気づくことが出来ました!コミュニティの概念は今回の学びにとても重要です。ユニットを通じて、これらのアイディアにより深く入り込んでいきたいと思います。最後に、今週は、英語と日本語の両方を沢山勉強しました。英語では、同義語について勉強しました。例えば、bigとlargeやsmallとlittleです。クラスで読んだ本に幾つか同義語があったことを見つけることができました。Spudsはpotatoes 、VioletはPurpleと同じ意味だということが分かりました。語彙力を増やしながら、これからももっと同義語を探していきたいと思います!また、鍵田先生の日本語の授業では、ひらがなの正しい書き方や国語の授業の受け方を学びました。来週は、実際に興味深く重要な仕事をしている人々と話しをして、コミュニティ、責任、仕事をさらに学んでいきます。新しい友達もできたり、ワクワクする情報も発見するかもしれません?!良い週末をお過ごしください。