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Grade 1 and 2 Combine! 1年生と2年生一緒になって!

2019 has been a really exciting year for grades 1 and 2 so far. They have joined to create a big class of 18 members. We have all been getting to know each other more and more, learning from each other, making new friends, and trying new things.
Since January we have been studying the UOI topic of “transportation”. The central idea is:
“People have invented transportation to make their lives better”
We specifically focussed on what exactly the definition of transportation is, and what various kinds of transportation are out there. Then we moved on to the historical development of forms of transportation, and how they have changed since ancient times, up to now. Finally, we looked to the future, and how new forms of transportation could solve current problems in the world.
This week students were completing their “final projects” for this unit. It involved solving current problems in the world by designing new forms of transportation. The work produced was amazing, and there was so much creativity to be seen! Parents, ask your child what they designed to solve the word’s problems.
The specific skills we have been focussing on developing over the last few weeks have been:
Essay writing (writing skills)
Note taking (research skills)
Video creating (presentation skills)
Presenting images (graphic design)
Students used all of these skills to present the inventions they had developed.
Finally, we have been talking a lot about the importance of balancing our creative and academic skills with human skills. Showing discipline and respect, listening to others, and being focussed have been the topics we have really tried to focus on. Working quietly and thoughtfully, we have used cleaning time in particular as a chance to practice these valuable skills.
Next week we will complete our reflections on this unit, and begin preparation for our last unit of the year, unit 6!
Have a lovely long weekend!
(I will update the blog more regularly from now on – sorry for the very long delay! – Mr J)

よい3日連休をお過ごしください!(長らくブログを更新できずにすみません。これからは定期的に更新していきます! Mr.J)