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Kingdom Animalia – G1

Hello, everyone!


For our UOI’s last unit, we will be talking a lot about animals. We first started the unit with a short video clip and tried to understand the difference between living and non-living things. We then started discussing on the living things and listed the five (5) kingdoms i.e., plant, animal, protist, moneran and fungus.


Afterwards, we focused on animals alone for the unit and differentiated the two big groups (vertebrates and invertebrates). Our first activity will be about the first big group (vertebrates). We were tasked to list down on our eight (8) cards the different animals we know. Then we tried to sort/group it into our tables. We brainstormed on how we should group the animals and what characteristics they share. We then found out that most of our animals were group the wrong thing when we were asked to research about the different vertebrates.


Each of our group was assigned a different topic to research and then afterwards come up with a poster to present in class. We have to follow guidelines when preparing the poster. It should be easy to understand which means only key words will be used instead of long sentences. It should also be attractive and colorful with a lot of pictures. Most of all it should be readable even from afar. We did the same thing for the invertebrates group. We also had a quiz at the end of each presentation. Most of us got a passing score!


We enjoyed researching and creating our posters. It was a bit tiring but informative. Hope you could pass by our room to check our posters.


Thank you for reading!