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Grade 1 Friction and Plants 摩擦と植物

Hello everyone!
Every morning, all the elementary students have a P.E Lesson and we usually start it with some stretching and followed by games that make our bodies move. Our first graders  show  their self-management skills, thinking skills, social skills, and even communication skills and they do care if someone in their team is being hurt. On Fridays, we go to the gym for our P.E Lesson. Our gross motor skills are being developed with the kind of activities we have. Everyone does participate and are being challenged.

For our Unit of Inquiry, we made an experiment about Friction. As Scientists, we gathered the materials we used, we predicted, observed, and finally recorded the results. We contributed our ideas and used  our thinking skills as we worked together as a team.

We also made experiment about plants. We grow a red radish with only sunlight, with only water, with both sunlight and water, and without sunlight and water . We observe it every Friday and we record our observations. It’s a very exciting experiment as we see how plants grow in different conditions.

Finally, we had a cooking lesson. First graders made yummy cupcakes and took them home. 最後に、月一回行われるクッキングレッスンがありました。美味しいカップケーキを作ってお家にもって帰りました。

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!