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Reflecting on Unit 5, looking forward to Unit 6!

This week we have been finishing up our unit 5 studies by thinking deeply about what we did, and reflecting back on how we conducted ourselves. Each student conducted a reflection which contained the questions:

  • Did you show any learner profile attributes in unit 5? (reflective, inquirer, knowledgeable, balanced, principled, caring, thinker, open-minded, risk-taker, communicator) How did you show these?
  • Did you show any PYP attitudes in unit 5? (curiosity, enthusiasm, integrity, commitment, creativity, empathy, appreciation, independence, confidence, cooperation, respect, tolerance) How did you show these?
  • What did you do for your final project? Did you do a good job? Why?
  • If you did your final project one more time, what could you improve?
  • What was your favourite part of unit 5? What was fun? What was difficult?
  • What do you want to try hard at in unit 6? What do you want to improve? What do you want to study?

Parents – why not try asking your children some of these questions and see if they can remember their answers!

Once we finished our reflection, we also spent some time working through our math skills, and consolidating all we have been learning recently. Each student is going at their own pace, but there is been improvement throughout the class. Great job everyone!

In PE we began playing a new game called “Hand Tennis”. The rules are similar to tennis, but instead of a racket, we use our hands. It’s really good for developing gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and it gets you moving really fast as well. We will continue playing this until the end of the school year.

This week we have also focussed more on showing good self-management skills and focus, especially during cleaning time. I think we have improved a lot this week, but there is still some way to go. I hope during unit 6 we can continue to be self-aware.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the final day of our current group seating. That means we will have the prize awarding ceremony. Which team will win?!? What will the prize be?!?

A student today said “Mr Jimmy, I don’t mind if we get the prize, I just want to do well for my team”. What a great attitude!

On Monday we start our new unit all about zoology! It connects well with our previous unit of transportation because as well as looking at the scientific classification of animals, we are also going to consider humans’ impact on the habitats of animals. Because of this, on Thursday afternoon we watched a movie called “The Lorax”. It is about a world where people have cut down all the trees, and what kind of world that would be. We will have discussions and reflection on the concepts in the movie on Friday. If you like, why not take a look at the movie at home?

I’m really looking forward to our final unit of the year. It’s going to be great, and I’m sure we’ll see lots more skills and creativity from everyone in Grade 1/2. Remember to bring your scientific mind on Monday!



ユニット5において、IBの学習者像(振り返りができる人、探究する人、知識がある人、バランスのとれた人、信念をもつ人、思いやりのある人、考える人、心を開く人、挑戦する人、コミュニケーションができる人)のいずれかができましたか? どのようにこれらを示しましたか?

ユニット5において、PYPの態度(好奇心、熱意、誠実さ、根気(コミットメント)、創造性、共感、感謝、自主性、自信、協力、尊重、寛容)を示しましたか? これらをどのように示しましたか?









明日金曜日は、今の座席のグループ最終日です。どのグループが勝つでしょう?勝ったグループは表彰されます!どんな賞かお楽しみに!? 今日、ある子が「Mr. Jimmy、私たちのグループが賞を貰ってもいいけど、私はただチームのために頑張りたいだけだよ。」と言いました。すばらしい考えですね!