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Savanna / Shooting star 12 – 15 February

Hi everyone. This week we discussed more about living and nonliving things in our environment. We also looked briefly at different habitats where living things live. We made the connection that living things need nonliving things to survive.
We learnt a bit more about s phonic blends with some words and worksheets. In reading we will finish our book ” My pub has fun”. We will read our next book from next week.
We had a very good time at the open day in the gym and would like to thank all the parents for playing with us. We also made a valentine’s card for craft to show our appreciation for our family.
フォニックスは先週に引き続きその他の「Sの混合フォニックス」を学びました。リーディングは” My pub has fun”が終わったので、来週からは新しいリーディングをはじめます。
公園では、先週に引き続きMr. Wolfと氷鬼をしました。