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Grade 3 Beanstalks

Greetings! Its good to talk to you all this week. We have seen warmer temperatures this week which is beautiful.


Monday started off with us making the decision to not continue with the group greenhouses. They proved to be a tad bit difficult to complete, but we also decided to plan a different kind of greenhouse for us all. We also had an open class for the parents to get involved in the classroom and to learn about flowers as all of us, but more than anything it was good to have the parents input and feedback about the past year.

月曜日は、グループでの温室作成を断念することが決まりました。完成させるには少し難しいことがわかりったのですが、代わりに別の種類の温室を計画することにしました。 また、オンライン授業参観では花について学ぶ様子をご覧いただきました。クラス懇談会では、この1年について保護者の方からご意見をいただけてよかったです。

Tuesday was good and easy as we learned about shrubs as we continued in the theme of LOI 1, which was all about the different types of plants.

火曜日は、LOI 1のテーマである植物の種類に引き続き、低木について学びました。

Wednesday came with a good old movie, Jack and the Beanstalk! A nice, and funny movie for everyone to enjoy.


We have also started and created our own plant diaries, and the purpose of this diary is for students to draw and research some information about the different types of plants. Thursday we had to complete this diary, with the addition of a tree, a shrub and a climber or creeper of their own choice.


We hope to close off the week with a really good and fun Friday for everyone. Always stay safe, and have a good weekend ahead!