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Business (not) as usual…

Welcome back everyone and hope you are faring well with mid-winter chill.


In the Grade 4 classroom this week, the focus has moved on to looking at business practices and how beneficial they are to the environment.


After a group discussion, we decided that business is not more important than nature and there is never a time when we should damage nature purely for making money.


With this in mind we started looking at 5 famous multinational companies and considering if they needed to be more environmentally-friendly.


After looking at the companies, we thought about what they could do to improve their business models and help benefit the natural world.


We then made posters expressing these ideas, as well as considering what we could do to get these companies to act upon our ideas.


Next week we will begin our L.O.I. 3.


Also, due to the recent increase in corona virus cases, the level in Matsumoto increased to 5 this week. There will of course be some disruption to the usual school day as a result of accommodating the local government guidelines. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


Have a nice week everyone and take care.