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Aurora: The Making of a Mummy Monster (October 21-25)

Halloween is in the air so a monster we must make! We painted the cardboard cut-outs black and pasted pictures of our faces. Then we twirled white yarn around the entire body and face. Voila, we are mummies!

For our IB Theme “How we express ourselves”, we explored the different feelings, and words to express them. We tried reading sentences: I am happy, I am sad, I am angry, I am surprised, I am funny. We studied how our eyes, eyebrows and mouth move, twist, and contort to show our different feelings.

For numbers, the class learned to distinguish between 9 and 6. Nine is usually written straight up… 9 is nice and straight! For concepts, we made colour patterns with bean bags – blue, red, blue, red. We looked out for patterns on the clothes we wore too!

During Gym class, we had a good workout stretching and crawling through tunnels.

During outdoor play at the park, Aurora and Canyon learned rules for the game “What is the time Mr Wolf?”. Mr Wolf 🐺 stands a distance away from the yummy children. They ask “What is the time Mr Wolf?”. The hungry wolf replies “5 o’clock” (or any number he fancies from 1 to 12) The children then take 5 steps towards the wolf. They ask for the time again. Alas as they get close to the wolf he shouts out “Dinner time!” and tries to “catch” his meal. The screams from Aurora and Canyon are hilarious!
Another busy happy week! Till next Monday, have a wonderful weekend.