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Aurora July 22-26

Home Sweet Home 🏡 and this is how we keep our homes clean, beautiful, neat and tidy!  Thank you Parents for the wonderful photographs of your children cleaning up after themselves at home. We had a little Show and Tell for our inquiry’s central idea “I can clean up after myself.” Students were able to describe what they were doing in the photographs. Some needed prompting from the teacher but they all beamed with pride saying “I put away my blocks” or “I cleaned up with a big broom”. 😊💪🏼
ホーム・スイート・ホーム!私たちはこうしてお家を綺麗にしています!お家で子供達が掃除している写真を送っていただきありがとうございます。セントラルアイディアのI can clean up after myself(私たちは自分たちで片付けができる)に沿って、クラスで Show and Tellをしました。子供達は自分たちの写真を見ながら説明が出来ました。何人かは先生からの助けが必要でしたが、全員が自信を持って「ブロックを片付けました。」「箒で掃除をしました。」などきちんと言えました!

As a class, we made a verbal contract – Clean and Tidy Agreements. We discussed how we should work as a team to keep our classroom organised, spick and span!

Aurora practised scissors skills by cutting around the mane of a paper lion. They drew the lion’s face 🦁 then snipped around the head for a mane. 👍🏻 Well-done.

Music class was about focus and keeping time with the beat. Aurora practised with beat sticks and maracas. They moved their bodies to the music too – fast and slow.

Saving the best for last… we had our monthly ISN birthday party for our July babies. Two of Aurora students turned 4 years old. Congratulations and celebrations for turning a fabulous four! 🥳 Till next Monday, stay cool 😎 and have a sizzling summer weekend!
最後に楽しみを取っておきました…  今週はISNの6月生まれのお友達の誕生日会がありました!オーロラのクラスからは今月2人4歳になりました!素敵な4歳おめでとう!🥳では次の月曜日まで… 夏の週末を楽しんでください。