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Aurora July 8-12

We finally made it for the Bus Trip! What a wonderful outing for Aurora. We even managed some water play. It was a cloudy day but that did not stop us from having fun at the playground too. Our delicious picnic lunches were gobbled down after a good play. Thank you Mummies and Daddies for the bento lunches! 🍱

For Gym, Aurora and Canyon worked as a team. We made ourselves a parachute dome! It was a huge task but our students listened and cooperated so well.

The class continued to explore the theme “How We Organise Ourselves”. We discussed clean and dirty places – river, sea, park, classroom. The students had little cut out pictures of themselves. We placed our pictures in a dirty garbage-filled river and imagined swimming in it. No, thank you. Thumbs down!👎
クラスではユニットのテーマ<私たちは自分たちをどう組織しているか>を先週から引き続き学びました。きれいな場所と汚れた川、海、公園やクラスルームの写真を見てみんなで話し合いました。子ども達は自分の切り取り写真をその写真の上に張り、汚れた海やゴミだらけの川で遊ぶことを想像しました。子供たちはNo Thank you!と大騒ぎ。

We had collage for artwork and focussed on the skill ‘I can plan’. First, the class was shown different flowers and leaves. We found out names of the flowers – hydrangea, daisy, marigold, pansy. Next, the class was introduced the various paper cut-outs of flowers, leaves and branches. They could pick, choose, decide and plan their collage design. This open-ended artwork gives each child the opportunity to build their research skills – to ask questions, find answers, plan and show what they have learned. The process of thinking was as important as the product itself, and that’s learning. Beautiful masterpieces were created!

Our letter for the week was Mm as in Mummy, monkey, money, moon. We had homemade playdough made right in our classroom. With yellow playdough we created Letter M, dinosaur eggs, snakes, cupcakes and 🍡  dango!
Aurora had a busy fun-filled week. It will be a public holiday next Monday, Marine Day. Have a great weekend. Till next Tuesday…