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Sports Day is Here!

This week has been fantastic! Through our exploration of clothes, history, flags, and buildings, we have come to make the connection between personal identity and cultural identity!

Right now we are working on our final project (summative assessment) for unit 2. Students have to make two pieces of craft – one that they think shows a kind of “personal identity”, and one that they think shows a kind of cultural identity. Everyone is coming up with some really interesting designs, and I can’t wait to see what the final designs will look like. Students are so engaged with this project that they are using their own free time to complete their work as well!

This week we have also started trying to create our own questions related, or unrelated, to the unit of inquiry. We have put them on the “wonder wall” in the classroom. Students have event started answering some of the questions by themselves (in their free time!).

Such questions include:

Who made Japan?

Who made Tuesday?

What is Japan?

Why do Japanese people wear kimono?

Where do pirates come from?

Who was the first person?

Who is the kami sama’s mom?

Can you answer any of theses questions at home???

Friday is our sports day event. It is the biggest sports day in the history of ISN elementary! We have been practicing so hard for the big day, performances, games, relay, decorations and more. We can’t wait to show you our positive hard-working spirit!

On Thursday Ms Keiko Kojima came to our school again and led another cooking class. Through this activity, students are able to make a connection between something fun (cooking) and the real-world activities required to make that happen. Measuring, calculating price, think about flavour, appeal, the possibility of selling etc. We always have a wonderful time with Ms Kojima.

Next week we have our bus trip, as well as completing our final project and reflecting on it. Next week will be the last week studying unit 2, and after that we will have a little break from the IB curriculum to participate in summer programme.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at sports day! See you soon!

スポーツデイでお会いできることを楽しみにしています! See you soon!