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Aurora May 27-31

The week began with a school party! 🎉We had our monthly birthday party for students born in May. Happy birthday to two of our Aurora students who turned 4 years old this month.


For this season of Spring, the class made a flower craft – hydrangea. Aurora practised their scissors cutting skills and snipped little petals for the flower. This is also a season when the fields teem with insects. One of our Aurora students brought to class some crickets  🦗in a little tank. Thank you for your Show and Tell!

For Math, we studied shapes and chose our favourite shapes for origami. The class did a good first attempt folding paper into the various shapes – triangle, rectangle, square. A video about finding shapes was also introduced to the class. We worked on our numbers and counting objects one by one.


For Literacy, our letter focus this week was Gg – gorilla, garbage truck, giraffe. The class practised writing letter G too. We also had outdoor time at the park. We worked our little bodies in Gym class too, pretending to be rabbits jumping in and out of hula hoops. Well done, Peter Rabbits! 

なぞり書きでは、”G”-gorilla(ゴリラ), garbage truck(ゴミ収集車), giraffe(キリン)を学びました。外遊びや公園、Gymでもフラフープを使ってうさぎジャンプをし、手先の運動から身体全体を使った動きまで思いおもいに楽しみました。

We have been practising our Fantastic Phrases with a little role play. “Two children are taking a walk in the park. One child says, ‘oh she looks cute. I’d go talk to her.’ What is your name? The other says My name is …….” 😊 Aurora students were a little shy at first but they delivered the lines with lots of laughter!
シチュエーションと共にフレーズを学びました。子ども達2人に歩いてもらい、一人の子どもが振り向いて”わぉ!彼女とってもかわいい/かっこいいね!”という場面から「What is you name?」「My name is 〇〇」と言ってもらいました。みんな少し照れていましたが楽しんでいました。

It is already the end of May and we feel the heat of Summer creeping in! Till next week, keep cool and have a great weekend.