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Aurora May 13-17

Greetings to all! This week’s highlight was Elmer the Elephant. Elmer the Patchwork Elephant is a children’s picture book series by the British author David McKee. 

インターナショナルスクール オブ長野 南松本キャンパスのオーロラの皆さんこんにちは!今週は日本語版でも人気シリーズの絵本「ゾウのエルマー」について英語で話し合いました。

We chose this book for its main theme on celebrating differences. It fits our central idea snugly – that we are the same but different in some ways. Elmer shows us that it is good to be the same and it is good to be different too. Please see the link above for synopsis of the story. Through storytelling and craftwork, Aurora was shown how we should respect one another for our similarities and differences.


We also remind each other about good manners – “May I have dessert, please? No, thank you. Can you help me please?” For our 4 year olds, we have displayed some ‘fantastic phrases’ all kindergarteners should know. We will practise it in class and hopefully at home too!

4歳になるのでマナーを身につける為にも、いくつかのフレーズを確認して英語で言うようにしています。“May I have dessert please?”-デザートを下さい。“No, thank you.”-結構です。”Can you help me please?”-助けて下さい。いろいろな場面で使うこのフレーズ、部屋に”Fantastic phrases”として飾ってありますのでまたお家でも取り入れて子ども達と言ってみてください。

We worked on Numeracy skills – rote counting to 20, counting objects one-to-correspondence, length (long, short), recognition of numbers 1-5. Aurora will continue to focus on these in the coming weeks.


Our phonics focus was letter Ee – short /e/ sound as in elephant, egg, and long /e/eagle, eel. We tried writing the letter E too. Good work, Aurora.


As a school, we carry out emergency drills regularly. This week we had a fire drill. The children listened well to the Teachers’ instructions. They were reminded of the following:


Osanai 押さない Do not push

Hashiranai 走らない Do not run

Shaberanai しゃべらない Do not speak

Modoranai 戻らない Do not return

Tewokuchini 手を口に Cover your mouth with your hands


Till next week, have a great weekend!