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Aurora January 28 – February 1

This week we started our new line of inquiry. We are asking if we can help animals and if so, how can we help them. The first lesson was just asking them these questions which lead us to talk about pets and what animals can be pets. We also talked about how we can help pets. They mentioned food, water, toys, etc. It was a great conversation.


The next lesson we pretended to take care of a dog. Our class pet is a stuffed animal dog named spot. Thursday we all helped take care of him by feeding him, walking him, cleaning up after him, cleaning him, and so on. The students had such a fun time with this activity.

Friday’s lesson was the same as Thursday’s lesson except that Spot got hurt on our walk. We talked about what to do and where to take him so we could help him.
Monday was our first music lesson with pianicas. The students were so excited and talked about it all day. They did a great job learning their first note and hand position.

Tuesday the weather was nice so we decided to go to the park to make up for all the times we missed going. It was a nice walk and a fun time. Before we left some of the students finished their demon mask crafts.
Wednesday we had our gym class and Thursday after our lesson we all walked to the park.

Friday was a fun event for Setsubun. Demons came to the school and the students threw newspaper balls at them to represent beans. We all had a great time celebrating. After our lesson we took the bus to a big park where we all played in the snow. We had so much fun!
We hope you all have a great weekend!