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Aurora January 21 – 25

Hi This has been a fun and exciting week. Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our open day Tuesday. The students were so happy to see everyone and we hope you had fun!
We started the week with no music class, so we went to the park instead. The park was big so everyone had a turn flying a kite. Afterwards, they all played on the play structure.

Tuesday was a big day! It was our open school day and swimming class. It was great seeing everyone there and I know the students were excited too. We had a great pool class followed by part two of our parents day where we continued to learn about patterns.
Wednesday was gym day. The students were able to do a lot of running activities and jumping ones too. They jumped over ropes, ran back and forth in the gym, and got to make a train and tunnel. After gym class we read a fun animal book. They all sat on the floor and got to pick which animals they wanted to read about. We learned so many things about animals and where they live. It was fun!
火曜日は参観日とスイミングレッスンがありました。たくさんの保護者の皆様に見守られ、みんな大興奮でした!プールの後は、Afternoon Circle Timeでの「色々なパターン作り」のレッスンを見て頂きました。

On Thursday we weren’t able to go to the park since it was wet, but we did do some fun things. First we played a game called fruits basket. After that we started our craft for Setsubun. Half of the students were outside playing while the other half were inside doing the craft. After a while we switched groups.

Friday we had our school birthday party. It was so fun to celebrate everyone’s birthdays as a school. After that we did a summative assessment to see what the students have learned. They did a great job and we are so proud! Once we finished, we continued the craft we started Thursday. We split the class again like last time so we were able to play outside as well.
金曜日は1月生まれのお友達の誕生日会をしました。みんなのお誕生日をお祝いするのは楽しい時間でした。その後、Unit3で学んだ事について形式的評価(Summative assessment)をしました。動物とその動物の生息地を線でつなぎ合わせるワークシートです。みんな良く出来ていました!今週は松本市内での不審者情報があり公園には行けませんでしたが、木曜日に引き続き節分クラフトの製作をしました。今回もクラスを2つのグループに分け、製作活動と外遊びを交代で行いました。
We hope everyone has a great weekend!